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I do not have Write-N-Cite. How do I insert in-text references and also insert page numbers?

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Sort your references in your

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

Sort your references in your RefWorks account folder by RefID. The
RefID is the unique number given to each record in your RefWorks

To manually insert citations in the text where you want to cite the
reference, use two open curly brackets "{{" followed by the Reference
ID number followed by two closed curly brackets "}}".

To insert a page number in the in-text reference immediately follow the
RefID with '/f, p. x;' and enclosed the double curly brackets.
EG if you want to insert page number 56 into RefID 200 insert as follows. {{200/f, p. 56;}}

When formatting your bibliography make sure you save your document first and ensure the Format Paper and Bibliography button is checked.

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