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How do I access Write-N-Cite when off-campus?

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Users must load the WNC Proxy

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

Users must load the WNC Proxy Configuration.
After running the utility, when you launch Write-N-Cite you will be directed to the organisation's proxy server to login rather than going directly to RefWorks

Windows Users: 

1. From the Start Menu select Programs and RefWorks.
2. Select the WNC Proxy Configuration Utility.
3. Enter the Proxy Server URL http://ezproxy.lib.uts.edu.au/login?url=https://www.RefWorks.com/RefWorks/?WNC=true
4. Click OK.

Mac Users:

1. Activate Write-N-Cite.
2. Select Preferences from the Write-N-Cite menu. Select the Proxy option and enter the Proxy Server URL
3. Restart Write-N-Cite for this proxy configuration to take effect.

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