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How do I tell which folders contain a specific reference?

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There are several ways to

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

There are several ways to tell which folder(s) a reference is in. First off, you can customise your views to display the folder names in the gray separator bar that divides each record. To do this, go to Tools/Customise and select Yes in the show folders area.

If you do not want the folder names displayed all the time, from the main view area of RefWorks, click on View or Edit in the top right corner of the reference for which you want the folder information. Click on the In Folder drop-down box. Folders with a >> next to them contain the reference. You can store references in multiple folders (without adding the record to your database multiple times).

You can also easily remove a reference from a folder (without removing it from your database), by de-selecting the folder name in the In Folder drop-down box in the View or Edit mode.

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