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If I delete a reference from a folder, is it deleted from my database?

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If you click the delete

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

If you click the delete button from the all references view, yes, your reference is removed from your database and all folders (you will get a warning message telling you it will be removed completely).

However, if you view a list of references in a folder view (i.e., View/Folders or Folders/View) you will see a Remove from Folder button. Selecting references and then clicking on this button only removes the references from that particular folder.

When you remove a reference from a folder, it is still “marked” for any other folders you have already chosen. If there are no marks left, it becomes “un-filed” and is available from the References Not In A Folder (in Folders/View or View/Folder) are in the or you can locate it by searching your RefWorks database.

You can also easily remove a reference from a folder (without removing it from your database), by deselecting the folder name in the In Folder drop-down box in the View or Edit mode.

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