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How do I get Harvard (UTS) or AGLC styles? How do I add more styles into EndNote?

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Getting the Harvard (UTS)

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

Recent versions of EndNote come with only a limited number of styles. To add other styles to your styles list:

  • In EndNote, click on Edit, Output Styles, Open Style Manager.
  • Click on the "Get more on the Web" button at the bottom of the style manager window. This takes you to a large list of styles on EndNote's website. You can download styles from here either individually or as a compressed file. (If you are a Macintosh user, make sure you are using the Firefox web browser).
  • Individual styles can be saved by clicking on the Download link next to the style and then:
    • If using Firefox, click on "Open with EndNote" then OK (in Internet Explorer, click on "Open"). On a Macintosh, using Firefox (recommended) save and then double click on the downloaded file.
    • EndNote will open and you will see some details about the style. Click on File, Save As.
    • In the Save As window that opens, ensure the name of the style is correct (you can edit it as you wish) and then click on Save.
  • Once the style has been saved you can select it within EndNote as normal.
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