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Where is the EndNote tab in Word 2007 or 2010 (Windows)?

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First try the following:

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UTS Library, 7 years ago

First try the following:

  • Close Word
  • Open the folder Program Files (this might be called All Programs), then the folder EndNote
  • Click on Configure EndNote
  • A window opens with Configure EndNote for me selected. Click Next
  • Tick the box next to Unified Cite While You Write, then click Next
  • Click Finish, and close the folder window
  • You should now see the EndNote tab when you open Word.

If this does not work, click on the coloured icon in Word's top left corner, and select Word Options. Then select Add-Ins. Use the Manage drop down at the bottom of the window to select Disabled Items, and click on Go. Enable any items related to EndNote.

If this still does not work see this CWYW 1 on EndNote's FAQ site, which goes into more detail and also covers different versions of EndNote.

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