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How do I import references from PubMed?

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There are basically three

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

There are basically three ways to do this.

  1. Search PubMed and then follow the instructions on the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill website to donwload a text file for importing into EndNote.
  2. Or, search Medline (OVID) (one of the library's journal databases) instead of PubMed and use Direct Export (instructions for doing this from Ovid databases can be found in our Direct Export handout) to bring citations into EndNote.
  3. Or, use EndNote's Online Search option. There is a connection file calledPubMed (NLM) which will connect you directly to PubMed from within EndNote.

Method 3 works best if you are looking for specific articles. Methods 1 & 2 are better if you are looking for articles on a topic, because they allow you to see more details about your search results before bringing them into EndNote.

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