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How to create and use a rubric in Turnitin?


I tried t ocreate a rubric and attach to a turnitin assignment but this didn't work.

I created a rubric through Subject tools > Rubrics > Create a new rubric 

Once Icreated a sample rubric, I cannot see it in the list of "Attach a rubric/form to this assignment "

Another wayI tried, I used "Launch Rubric/Form Manager" and created a new rubric. I attached this rubric to the turnitin assignment. Now I can neither edit nor see this rubric.


Would you please guide me onhow to create, edit and attach a rubric properly.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Basem Suleiman 

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Hello there,

Librarian Sean Riley's picture
Librarian Sean Riley, 1 year ago

Hello there,

The library doesn't have a lot of expertise on TurnItIn, unfortunately, but we would recommend discussing it with your IML Faculty Liaison.

Your librarian. 

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