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How can i reference a few images i am using in a video presentation in the introduction to the subject.


skeleton: http://www.interactive-biology.com/4381/an-introduction-to-the-skeletal-system-bones-and-cartilage/


 HALF of the image of the knee: http://txpartnersinpain.com/joint-injection-knee/


 unlabelled image of knee: http://ostenil.trbchemedica.co.uk/patient-information/synovial-joint

id like to use images from these websites.

 i.e i wont be talking about the images specifically, just using it as a visual aid to my own work.


- when referencing these types of images, do i use the name and date of the source its displayed in since i will never know where the creator of the web pages got the images, nor will i ever know who created the image itself.


thanks so much for your help!


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Hi Nicola,

Angry Asian Librarian's picture
Angry Asian Lib..., 1 year ago

Hi Nicola,

I'd recommend following the Harvard UTS system, and putting an in-text citation if you can where the video appears (e.g. overlay text) - or if not possible, list the full references at the very end of your video.

For your sources:

  • Interactive biology: I can see an author / poster listed - SonyaM - since there's no last name you can simply use that as the author.  If there's no date, you can put n.d. to mean no date. In your reference list, it would start with SonyaM n.d.
  • Knee joing injection: there's no individual author, but there is an organisation - Texas Partners in Pain Management, so you can use that as the author. For the date, I'd use the date at the bottom of the web page.
  • Synovial joint: I'd follow the same advice as above and use the organisation: TRB Chemedica UK. As above, I'd use the date on the bottom of the web page.
In future, I recommend using more authoritative sources like our anatomy databases (e.g. Anatomy.TV) which has great images plus you can add your own labels onto it. We have a study guide that has some tips on this.
Let me know if you have further questions!
Kind regards,
Helen Chan
Information Services Librarian
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