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How can I reference a mobile application?

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Hi Nathalie, 

Librarian Ashley's picture
Librarian Ashley, 9 months ago

Hi Nathalie, 

That's a tricky one! Referencing an app is similar to referencing software. You need to provide the information on who developed the app and when, the name and the version of the app, what kind of app, where the app has been published and when you accessed to the app.

For Example Mendeley - Android App

In-text: (Mendeley 2015)

Reference list: Mendeley 2015, Mendeley-Android App, mobile app, viewed 17 August 2015, <https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mendeley&hl=en>.

More information on how to reference software can be found here


Hope this helps.


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