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How do I reference a video from a website?

How do I reference a video from a website?

Is it as a webpage or as similar to youtube ?


The video on this page is what I want to reference



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Hi Suja,

Tess's picture
Tess, 1 year ago

Hi Suja,

Usually, you would reference a video like this as a YouTube video because that version would have the most correct publication information, but because this video is unlisted you can reference it as a website instead. Because you're talking about the video in your work, you should make it clear in your reference that you're referring to the video itself.

Here's what your reference would look like:

Diabetes NSW 2014, What is the role of an Endocrinologist - Roger Chen - Endocrinologist, videorecording, Diabetes Australia, viewed 20 October 2017, <https://www.diabetesaustralia.com.au/news/11578?type=video>.

Hopefully this helps!


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