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Given that the EndNote software is only licencesd while a UTS student, how can I access my thesis references etc once I graduate or withdraw from my research? This may be necessary whilst in relevant employment or on transfer to another university.

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Hi Stephen,

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D Litting, 2 weeks ago

Hi Stephen,

If you have EndNote desktop software and a library of references they won't be affected by your moving on from UTS in future. Technically EndNote does insinuate that you should bin everything as soon as you leave but that is a rather fanciful notion I think. 

What will disappear at some point though will be your EndNote Online account - as EndNote online pings the email address that you used to create the account every six months and if it bounces back your EndNote online will disappear. If you move to another uni this can be prevented by changing the home email address on your EndNote Online account when you move on.

I hope this helps, let me know if not


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