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personal communications referencing

I have a conversation that I would like to put down for reference.

On the website, I believe I can only see what to write for in text citations

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Hi Justin,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 1 year ago

Hi Justin,

You are correct, our guides use the convention of personal communication derived from the Australian Style Manual for Authors which directs us to only use personal communication in the text. The reason for this being that the communication is presumably not part of a publically accessible record and thus including it in a reference list is moot, because the reader cannot use the reference list to find it. If the conversation is part of some publically accessible record then you can include it in a reference list, and the reference type changes according to whatever place the conversation can be found at - for example Facebook or a blog post, etc.

Hope this helps, let me know if not



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