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Hi there- i'm confused about my referencing can you help me to check my references...

Auspurg, K, Hinz, T, & Sauer, C 2017, ‘Why Should Women Get less? Evidence on the Gender Pay Gap from Multifactorial Survey Experiments’, American Sociological Review, no. 82, pp. 179-210, viewed 22 November 2017, file:///G:/5%20ARTICLE/why%20should%20women.pdf.                

Chang, CF & England, P 2010, ‘Gender inequality in earnings in industrialized East Asia’, Social Science Research, no. 40, pp. 1-14, viewed 22 November 2017, file:///G:/5%20ARTICLE/1-s2.0-S0049089X10001304-main.pdf.

Chantreuil, F & Lebon, I 2015, ‘Gender contribution to income inequality’. Economics Letters, no. 133, pp. 27-30, viewed 22 November 2017, file:///G:/5%20ARTICLE/1-s2.0-S0049089X10001304-main.pdf.

Chiang, HY & Ohtake, F 2014, ‘Performance-pay and the gender wage gap in Japan’, J. Japanese Int. Economies, no. 34, pp. 71-88, viewed 22 November 2017, file:///G:/5%20ARTICLE/japan%20performance%20pay.pdf.


Kangasniemi, M & Kauhanen, A 2013, ‘Performance-relate pay and gender wage differences’. Applied Economics, no. 36, pp. 5131-5143, viewed 22 November 2017, file:///G:/5%20ARTICLE/Performance%20related%20pay%20and%20gender%20wage%20dufferences.pdf.


Olson, JE 2012, ‘Human capital models and the gender pay gap’, Springer Science+Business Media, no. 68, pp.186-197, viewed 22 November 2017, file:///G:/5%20ARTICLE/Human%20capital%20models%20and%20gender%20pay%20gap.pdf.

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Hi Kevin,

Rosie's picture
Rosie, 1 year ago

Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately we cant read through a reference list and correct it as thats up to you!

We can however point out problems which you can then fix yourself if that helps. For example I can see you are linking a lot of journal articles, but you are linking them to a physical place on your computer. Firstly you only have to link journal articles if they are only published online - otherwise you reference them as print journals. Secondly be careful whenever you are linking to link to somewhere online that someone else can view.

If you need further help with your referencing I would suggest to come and speak to a librarian at the Research Help Desk.

Kind Regards,


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