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Syncing EndNote references to new laptop

Happy New Year!
Can you help with some advice about EndNote 8.1. It is not syncing my references to a new laptop. Can you confirm that I do one or other of the following to have all my references appear in the new laptop's EndNote Destop client?:

Sync references from EndNote Online into an empty EndNote Desktop client
1. Open EndNote Desktop (newly installed on new laptop ). It is empty as expected.
2. Open EndNote Online in browser and sign in, noting all previously saved references are present
3. Go to EndNote Desktop > Edit > Preferences > Sync
4. Complete dialogue box "Syncronise data with your EndNote account" including "Enable Sync", student ID and ticking "Sync Automatically" > Apply > OK
5.  My references should now appear in the EndNote Desktop.  They don't.

OR should I:

Use EndNote Compressed Library file (saved previously) to populate the EndNote Desktop first
1. Open EndNote Desktop > File > Open Library
2. Locate in File Explorer > EndNote Compressed Library file (.enlx) and attempt to transfer the references in this file to populate EndNote Desktop
3. Only sync between the Desktop and EndNote Online AFTER the Desktop is populated ie when new references are added to the Desktop in the future

I have been using EndNote Desktop on my old laptop for almost 2 years and created over 100 references and expected to see them pop into the EndNote Desktop on the new laptop after following the first "sync" process above. Instead I get a blank screen in EndNote Desktop. Can you help with any suggestions?
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Hi Maree,

Rosie's picture
Rosie, 11 months ago

Hi Maree,

Are all of your references appearing in your EndNote online if you look at them in a web browser? If so, you may need to make sure you have logged in with the same account details on both the desktop program and online.

If not, I would try using the compressed library and then opening that up onto your new computer, it usually works very well.

If you do have any further questions, please dont hesitate to contact me directly via rosie.glynn@uts.edu.au

Kind Regards,


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