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Endnote Sync not working and can't stop it

I have tried to get my Endnote library to sync - it spends hours "retrieving information" then usually gives me a message along the lines of "sync cannot be performed at this time" [I am on campus connected via cable to internet]. 

But - I can't seem to stop it going into this sync loop! each time I close it down and start it up again- it tries to sync - can't do it and then just spends alot of time lagging and hindering my access to my library. 

Suggestions on (a) how to make it sync ? or if not possible (b) how to make it stop?

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Hi Sarina,

115504's picture
115504 (not verified), 4 years ago

Hi Sarina,


Go into preferences under edit in Windows or under the Endnote menu in a Mac. Scroll down to Sync option, select this then uncheck the autosync box. That should stop the auto loop.  Not sure why it is not synching, are you able to bring your laptop to the library so we can have a closer look? Which version of Endnote are you using?




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