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Data Management Planning checklist

About this checklist

Data management planning is an important part of the responsible conduct of research. Data that you create, compile or collect during your research is a valuable asset that needs to be cared for over long periods of time.

You can use this checklist to:

  • document your research data management requirements
  • identify potential problems early in the project rather than later
  • find out more about data management services and tools available at UTS and how to access them

Before you start

Completing the checklist will be easier if you are familiar with the following resources:

  • The Australian Code for Responsible Conduct of Research (2007).
    This was released by the Australian Research Council (ARC), the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Universities Australia in 2007. The Code requires aspects of data management such as ownership and retention to be well-documented by researchers.
  • UTS Research Data Management Vice-Chancellor's Directive (currently in draft form)

When to complete this checklist

The most benefit will be gained from the planning checklist if it is completed as early as possible in the project lifecycle. However, you should regularly review your plan and revise it where necessary.

Benefits of completing this checklist

The checklist may be useful as a discussion document when talking to your departmental supervisor, IT support, and/or other academic and professional staff about your project’s data management needs.

If required by other stakeholders, including funders, the checklist can be expanded into a complete Data Management Plan by adding supplementary information and attaching other relevant documents.

If you need more information or help to complete the checklist

Throughout the checklist there are references for where to get further advice and assistance. For general help and information, please contact the Manager eResearch in the Library.

What to do with your completed checklist

Retain a copy with your research data and ensure everyone working on your project is aware of it.

Revisit the checklist on a regular basis throughout the research project as your data management requirements may change as your research progresses. Policies, legislation, personnel and technologies all change and evolve and refinements to research methodology and practice are common. Refer to your checklist regularly and update it as required.

Complete the checklist