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NVIVO (for UTS staff)


NVIVO is a software product that allows you to import, sort, analyse and display data from audio, video or text files, and transcripts.


UTS staff can download NVIVO software onto a personal computer for free from the UTS website. NVIVO is also available in the Researchers' centre on Level 5 of the City Campus Library. The UTS: Graduate Research School organises workshops, mainly for postgraduate research students, which take place in the Library. Because of software restrictions the only public computers with NVIVO installed are: Training Room 4f in the City Campus Library; and rooms CM05.D113 and D116 in the School of Business. For more information visit the NVIVO website - http://www.qsrinternational.com/products_nvivo.aspx



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Hi Kim,

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JingLi, 3 years ago


Hi Kim, We have checked with IT, they have ensured the link is working. Would you please give them a call 2222 or visit IT support office to discuss the problem: http://www.uts.edu.au/current-students/managing-your-course/using-uts-systems/it-support Thank you, Jing

Found the problem - I raised

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Lee, 3 years ago


Found the problem - I raised this to you Jing, the URL was for staff, just needs changing to the following for Students : https://itposhare.uts.edu.au/STUDENT/QSR/

The NVivo for Mac license key

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martijnboersma, 3 years ago


The NVivo for Mac license key that was available for NVivo10 does not work for NVivo11. Can UTS please get an institutional license for NVivo11 for Mac?? Thanks


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martijnboersma, 2 years ago



Does UTS provide access to

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Anna, 1 year ago


Does UTS provide access to NVivo for Teams? http://www.qsrinternational.com/nvivo-product/nvivo-teams This looks very useful for those of us who work collaboratively. Cheers, Anna

Hi - I'm trying to access the

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Kim, 3 years ago


Hi - I'm trying to access the NVivo download to get the license key (new computer) and the link above wont accept my UTS log in details (student number and password.) Any suggestions?
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