UTS Library

Conditions of Use of Electronic Resources

Electronic resources available through UTS Library, including eJournals, eBooks, streaming videos, and databases are provided for educational or scholarly purposes and are subject to licenses that govern access and use in addition to Australian legislation, Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth), and UTS policies such as Acceptable Use of Information Technology Facilities

UTS Clients include: UTS students, staff and (where licensed) Alumni, Walk-in users, and Affiliates.

UTS Clients may:

  • search, view, listen to, and browse table of contents, full text articles, bibliographic information and data
  • print, save or download excerpts only in accordance with licence provisions and Australian copyright law.

Prohibited activities include (unless otherwise permitted by Australian copyright law and the publisher’s Terms and Conditions):

  • Sequential or bulk downloading of tables of contents, search results, citations, articles or output
  • Downloading entire contents from a single publication e.g. a journal issue, e-book or multimedia resource
  • Using automated programs including spiders or robots to download content
  • Sharing passwords
  • Commercial use, copying, reproducing or redistributing in any format to non-subscribers or unauthorised users

UTS Clients are responsible for checking the relevant Terms and Conditions if they are unsure.

Penalties for mis-use of electronic resources may be imposed under Section 18.7 of the UTS Student Rules and can also lead to loss of access to electronic resources for all UTS clients.

Text & data mining

Selected licensed resources permit text and data mining for scholarly purposes. Advance permission or registration is usually required. Refer to Text and Data Mining for more details.