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Copyright warning notices

The University is required to display copyright notices under certain conditions and in specific places.

Copyright notices are required near all photocopying, scanning, computing and audiovisual machines. The notices are intended to make the users of those machines aware of the potential for copyright infringement.

The University can be held liable for copyright infringement on the basis that it provides copying and electronic equipment without supervision or without taking adequate steps to warn users of the copyright implications of their copying practices. Staff should be aware that if they have knowledge of a person's intention to make infringing copies, and take no action to prevent such copying, this can result in liability for both the University and the person making the copy.

Copyright Regulations Notice

This is a prescribed notice under the Copyright Act warning users against unauthorised copying. The notice should be displayed near all photocopying, scanning and computing equipment.

Audiovisual Notice

This is a prescribed notice under the Copyright Act for display on all machines that may be used to copy audiovisual works.

Copying for Teaching Purposes Only Notice

This notice is for display near faculty and departmental copiers and in areas where teaching materials are prepared.

Notices for licensed copies and communication

These notices are for copying and communication of copyright material produced under the Screenrights Part VA (audiovisual), Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) Part VB (print and scanned articles) and Music Licences. For a copy of these notices email the Copyright Adviser.


Licensing and collection agencies

Copyright collecting societies licence the use of copyright material and collect and distribute royalties on behalf of the copyright owners they represent. Many of the Australian societies have reciprocal relationships with collecting agencies overseas and are able to licence the works of Australian copyright owners as well as the works of copyright owners who are members of, or affiliated with, overseas collecting societies with which they have agreements.

UTS has copyright licence agreements with Screenrights for broadcast audiovisual material, Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) for print and graphic material, and the music societies Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), Australasian Performing Right Association-Australian Mechanical Copyright Owners' Society (APRA-AMCOS) and Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) for music use.

Copyright Agency Limited (CAL)

CAL represents Australian authors, journalists, visual artists, photographers and publishers. It administers the reproduction and communication of works by the University under the statutory licence set out in Part VB of the Copyright Act.



Screenrights represents producers, distributors, scriptwriters, music copyright owners, rights owners in artistic works and sound recordings and other right holders in film, radio and television. It administers the reproduction and communication of works by the University under the statutory licence set out in Part VA of the Copyright Act.



Viscopy represents visual artists including craft workers, photographers, designers, printmakers, sculptors, cartoonists, illustrators and new technology artists. It collects, administers and distributes licence fees for the reproduction of artistic works.


Australian Mechanical Copyright Owners' Society (AMCOS)

AMCOS represents music publishers and their writers in Australia and New Zealand. It licences certain recordings of music and lyrics (such as cover versions of songs which have already been released) and the reproduction of music and recordings onto soundtracks of videos.


Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA)

APRA administers the rights of public performance and communication to the public of music and lyrics for composers, music publishers and other copyright owners. It deals with licences for live and recorded music in pubs, clubs, restaurants and shops, radio and TV stations, webcasters and organisations playing music on hold.


Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA)

ARIA represents the recording industry and recording artists, and grants licences for music use.


Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA)

PPCA represents record companies and recording artists, and grants licences for playing records or music videos.



Other sources of information relating to copyright


Within Australia

Arts Law Centre of Australia

The Centre is the national community legal centre for the arts. It provides initial advice on arts-related legal and accounting matters to arts practitioners and organisations. The Centre also operates a mediation service, offers educational services and publishes a range of materials.


Australian Copyright Council

The Council is an independent non-profit organisation that seeks to assist creators and other copyright owners to exercise their rights effectively.


Australian Law Reform Commission

The Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) is reviewing Australian Copyright law in 2012-13.

Following extensive national liaison, the ALRC appears ready to propose significant changes to the Copyright legislation. This includes introducing a Fair Use exception similar to such exceptions used in the USA, Canada and a number of other countries. Universities Australia, along with the TAFE and Primary Schools sectors, and many Government and cultural organisations, supports a move in this direction, however a number of publishers, rights holders and copyright collecting societies (eg CAL, Screenrights) are opposed to it.

Universities Australia has circulated the following information sheet within the university sector to address some questions arising from the proposed changes.

Australian Law Reform Commission – Copyright and the digital economy

Universities Australia – Fair Use and the Statutory Licences (information sheet)

Australian Libraries Copyright Committee

The Committee is the main consultative body and policy forum for the discussion of copyright issues affecting Australian libraries and archives.


Copyright Agency Limited

Copyright Agency Limited (CAL) is an Australian copyright management company whose role is to provide a bridge between creators and users of copyright material.


IP Australia

IP Australia is an Australian Government site with information on Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Plant Breeder’s Rights.


The Attorney General's Department copyright law in Australia

The Federal Attorney General administers copyright law in Australia. The Department's Copyright Law Branch provides a wide range of advice on copyright matters.


The Australian Digital Alliance

The Alliance is a non-profit coalition of public and private sector interests formed to promote balanced copyright law and provide an effective voice for a public interest perspective in the copyright debate. Members include schools, universities (including UTS), consumer groups, major cultural institutions, information technology companies, scientific and other research organisations, libraries and individuals.


The Australian Library and Information Association copyright information (ALIA)

ALIA is the professional organisation for the Australian library and information services sector.



Outside Australia

The Digital Futures Coalition (DFC)

The Digital Futures Coalition is a US organisation similar to the Australian Digital Alliance.


World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO)

The WIPO is a division of the United Nations that is working to develop an international Intellectual Property System.


World Trade Organisation

The World Trade Organisation is responsible for the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Agreement.