UTS Library

Food and drink in the Library

At UTS, it is recognised that those studying quietly are very focused on their work and don't always want to break to get food.

Cold or snack foods, like those in plastic containers or wrappers, and fruit may be brought into most areas of the Library.

Hot food or larger meals must be eaten outside the Library area. Hot drinks will be permitted as long as they have a cap or are in a covered container.

Designated areas, such as the Silent Study Rooms are strictly no food or hot drink zones. Bottled water is ok.

Alcohol is not permitted in the Library.

The UTS Library provides an environment suitable for study. Please be considerate of other clients' needs and treat Library facilities and property with care.

All rubbish must be placed in specially marked bins, leaving areas free of litter. Please contact Library staff at the Service Desk for assistance in cleaning spills.