UTS Library

Rare Book Collection Guidelines

The UTS Library Rare Book Collection consists of individual items of relevance to the University's teaching and research interests and a small number of thematic collections. Particularly noteworthy is the Children's Literature Collection.

Collection development

Rare books are collected for their value to the teaching and research purposes of UTS and for their cultural value. Growth of the Collection is consequently limited. Items may be acquired through donation or purchase. Acquisition requires the approval of the University Librarian or nominee. Donations are accepted in accordance with the UTS Library Materials Donation guidelines.


For the purpose of these guidelines Rare Book is defined as meeting one or more of the following criteria:

  • Australian editions published before 1900
  • other editions published before 1820
  • limited edition less than 250
  • known significant provenance - preferably including textual evidence
  • other special categories eg children's books published up to the 1950s

Access policy

Rare books are listed in the UTS Library Catalogue and identified as located in the Rare Book Collection. The Collection is accessible to all staff and students and associate members of UTS Library and members of the broader community on application. Those wishing to access the Rare Book Collection should enquire at the Service Desk on Level 7.

The following conditions of use apply:

  • rare books must be used in the Library
  • rare books must be used under supervision
  • photocopying and scanning of rare books is not usually permitted
  • The Collections are normally accessible between 10 am and 6 pm Monday to Friday or by appointment
  • special arrangements may be requested by application in writing to the University Librarian

Obtaining copies

Other libraries wishing to obtain digital copies of items in the UTS Rare Book Collection should email the Digitisation staff who will verify the copyright status and condition of the book. Copies of items approved for digitisation can then be requested via the UTS Library's InterLibrary Service on a cost recovery basis.