UTS Library

Library Survey 2012

Thank you to everyone who completed the Library Survey during September 2012. We received over 2,400 responses from across the UTS community.

The survey is important in helping us plan for the future of UTS Library, and allows us to identify what you think we do well and areas where we could improve.

The results demonstrate overall satisfaction with the Library has increased. We received lots of positive feedback relating to the refurbished library facilities, library services and interactions with Library staff.

We can now focus on addressing areas you identified as needing improvement.

We are listeningYou have been telling us!


We are listening - the largest number of comments we received related to books.

You can't find the books you need

  • During semester our Rovers are here to help you find things. Look for the friendly people in orange t-shirts.
  • Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID) has been implemented throughout the entire collection, which helps us find books that are in the wrong place and we are putting them back where they should be.
  • We are also building a Library Retrieval System (LRS) and together with the RFID you will be able to browse the items located in the LRS and request and accept delivery in a matter of minutes.

You want more new books and other resources, and more copies

  • We have over 630,000 books in the Library and we add more than 20,000 new books each year. 
  • There are more than 15,000 books in our Reserve and 7-Day Loan collections specifically for the subjects taught at UTS, such as textbooks and recommended readings which are on subject reading lists.
  • 37% of our books are less than 12 years old.

Library Spaces

We are listening - your main concern was for increased space and more quiet space for individual study.

You want more space, more desks and more seats for quiet study and research

  • We have silent study rooms for individuals to work quietly.
  • There are group study rooms and large communal areas for collaborative work.
  • Both campus libraries have recently undergone refurbishments, at the City Campus we have added:
    • more comfortable seats
    • connectible grey cubicles which are great for individual study or can be moved around for group discussions
    • Emeco 1951 stools provide comfortable seats for studying at the high bench
    • the green sofas are great for group discussions
    • Node chairs provide mobility for individual or group study.
  • At Kuring-gai Campus the focus has been on:
    • building a new Group Study Room and improving the exisiting Group Study Rooms
    • refurbishing the Learning Commons area.
  • The soon to be available LRS will significantly reduce the space required to store the collection, allowing more physical study spaces.

Electronic Resources

We are listening - You want more online eResources, computers, wifi and improvements to the Library website.

You want more online books, journals and databases

  • The Library has more than 98,000 eBooks and in 2012 we added over 25,000 new eBooks.
  • We have over 47,000 online journals and each year we add more.
  • There are over 270 databases and in 2012 we added another 92 new databases.

You want more computers and faster wifi

  • We provide over 420 computers in our 2 campus libraries.
  • UTS has an ongoing wireless expansion program across the University and this includes the libraries.

You want a Library website that is easier to use

  • The Library website was updated in 2012 and continues to evolve as we are committed to making it the best we can:
    • the menus are based on what you have told us you need
    • the 'Search the Catalogue' box is prominently displayed at the top of all pages allowing for fast access to our most popular tool
    • a more intuitive layout in a simple and clear grid formation, making it easier to find what you are looking for
    • fewer clicks to get to the information you need
    • all the events and news on the homepage so you never miss out on all the cool stuff happening around the Library.
  • In 2013, a new product will be introduced making it easier to find online journal articles in the Catalogue.