UTS Library

Fine Charges



General collection and InterLibrary Loan items $1.00 per day ($2.00 per day if recalled)
Open Reserve and Closed Reserve items $5.00 per hour or part thereof
Journals and Theses from Library Retrieval System $5.00 per hour or part thereof
Tinker Kits & Board Games $5.00 per day
Gaming equipment, Light Box $5.00 per hour or part thereof
Locker keys $5.00 per hour or part thereof, maximum of $10.00
iPads & eReader $5.00 per day
Editing studio equipment $1.00 per hour or part thereof
  • $29.00 or more in fines suspends borrowing
  • $49.00 or more in fines prevents UTS students from accessing exam results, re-enrolment and graduation. 

Also see Replacement of Items, How to Pay your Fines & Fine Appeals.