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2. Can you cry under water?

News item: 10 Unanswerable Questions Competition - 2013

Competition open: 11 February to 21 February 2013

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Yes you can easily cry under

Liane's picture
Liane, 7 years ago

Yes you can easily cry under water. I discovered this when my darling dad was diagnosed with lymphoma. I took to the pool like a shark...lap after lap...swimming and crying. The limiting factor [for me anyway] was sobbing; if I sobbed I took in a lot of water and nearly choked. I swam off 10 kg; a lot of crying and a lot of swimming.

Hi LianeSounds like a healthy

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 7 years ago

Hi Liane
Sounds like a healthy way to deal with a extremely sad and stressful situation. I lost my Dad to cancer so I know how hard it is to deal with. 
Regards Merrillie 

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