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referencing question

Hi, I am doing a reference list and I am struggling with a book chapter referencing as I do not find the book editor of this book. What do i need to write then ? thank you in advance

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HI Sybille,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 7 years ago

HI Sybille,


I've had a look at this book and it seems like its just a regular book (which means the chapters aren't credited to different authors). In this case just reference the book normally - and don't worry about the chapter title or the page range of the chapter. If you want to quote from the book, place the quote in single quotation marks and add a page number to the in-text citation, eg 'blah blah blah' (Hogg & Vaughan 2011, p. 89). You are encouraged to do this even for paraphrasing, eg Hogg and Vaughan (2011, pp. 89-93) suggest that most lawyers' fees are too high. Or, it has been claimed that most lawyers' fees are too high (Hogg & Vaughan 2011, pp. 89-93).

Hope this helps!

David (plus some additions by Patrick)

hi David, i am referencing

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Sibylle, 7 years ago

hi David, i am referencing only one chapter because i only used this one in my assignement.

This is what I have so far: 

Hogg, M.A. and Vaughan, G.M, Sixth edition 2011. Leadership and decision making. In :. ed. Social Psychology, Pearson Education, Chapter 9, pp. 313-355. 

Hi Sibylle,

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D Litting, 7 years ago

Hi Sibylle,

Normally if you were referencing a book chapter it would be because the authors of the chapter were different for each chapter. Is that the case? If not then you needn't worry about referencing chapters. If you have some details of the book in question do send it along and I'll try and decode it for you.


David @ UTS Library

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