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There is no vol and issue number for my journal article

Hi, I have found a journal article from a database, however the site did not provide its vol number and issue number. How I can reference it?

Looking forward to your answer


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This is quite strange -

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Patrick, 8 years ago

This is quite strange - generally all journal articles in databases have at least a volume number. Are you sure it is a journal article and not some kind of report? Even purely online journals normally have volume numbers or issue dates. Perhaps you could try to go to the journal's website - get the details from what you have found in the database and then try to see what volume and issue information there is on the actual website. If there is only an issue date then perhaps it is a magazine or newspaper arcticle. If there really are no volume and issue details, or dates, then I suspect it is not really a journal in the normal academic sense, and you will have to reference it as a web page.


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Nousheen, 7 years ago


how to reference wall street journal article


Hi Samman,

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Helen Chan, 6 years ago

Hi Samman,

In that case, just include the volume number as vol. # in your citation and leave out the issue number.


Helen Chan
Information Services Librarian 

Hi Nousheen,

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D Litting, 7 years ago

Hi Nousheen,


The Wall Street Journal is more like a newspaper than a journal, from a referencing point of view, as odd as that may sound. So use this convention.

Herring, C. 2013, 'The 7-foot-2 roadblock to victory; so far, Knicks have no answer for Pacers' Hibbert', Wall Street Journal, May 15.

(If you have a page number than place that after the date in the reference)



David @ UTS Library

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