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How do I reference a radio program or a TV program in text?

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Hi Jennifer,

JingLi's picture
JingLi, 6 years ago

Hi Jennifer,

Please the information of refering TV or radio program:

In text

(Canberra firestorm 2003), (PM 2004)

Reference list

Canberra firestorm 2003, television program, Catalyst, ABC TV, Sydney, 3 March.

PM 2004, radio program, ABC Radio 702AM, Sydney, 2 June.

Key elements of a television or radio broadcast are:

  • title of the broadcast (in italics)
  • year of broadcast
  • format (use television program or radio program)
  • series title (if appropriate)
  • television or radio station name
  • location of the station
  • broadcast date (day month)



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