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How to reference a museum plaque?

I want to quote and reference a musuem plaque, which basically describes the work. How do I cite this appropriately?

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Hi Rathai,

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D Litting, 6 years ago

Hi Rathai,

I guess the closest matching example we would have is for an artwork in a gallery. Let's try adapting this:

Artist Year, Title, Type of Work, Museum or Gallery, City. Example:

Rodin, A. 1886, The lovers, sculpture, private collection.


So.. I guess you could have an author (if provided, if not then leave this blank, and replace the author with the title of the plaque), a year (if provided, if not enter n.d.) - the title of the plaque, the museum the plaque is in and the city the museum is in.

What do you think?

David @ UTS Library



It might also help to just

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D Litting, 6 years ago

It might also help to just explain in your text that you are talking about a plaque describing an artwork if that isn't made obvious by the reference itself.




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