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Social media training

Hi there,

do you have any training / workshops etc to develop skills in using social media technology? I've seen your event advertised about how to use social media for academic purposes (and I'm pleased you're putting this on, as it's important for researchers to utilise it) but what I want is someone to help me practice using the programs and technology itself so I can take the next step of creating more impact from my work.

I have had some training and practice with using twitter, writing blogs and using facebook for work. What I would like is to know how to add pictures, how to add comments to pictures, how to design my blog so the layout grabs people, how to make my guest blog interesting with videos, pictures, words and anything else that communicates my research.

I want to use pictures and videos more in my communications, but am wasting time learning how to do the basics, which slows down my use of it.

Do you have any workshops coming up that relate to the above? I just need someone to help me along this learning process, instead of me bumbling along like I am at the moment.

Thanks for your help, Nicole

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Hi Nicole, this is an

Jemima's picture
Jemima, 6 years ago

Hi Nicole, this is an interesting question and I'm sure we can help you with this. It's quite specific so I don't think we would have a class that answers it but we certainly have staff who can help. Please contact sophie.mcdonald@uts.edu.au she'll be happy to work on this with you,

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