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How can I import a bibliography into EndNote from BibTeX (LaTeX)? What about converting the other way, from EndNote?

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Converting FROM EndNote TO

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UTS Library, 8 years ago

Converting FROM EndNote TO BibTeX is easy. With your EndNote library open select the style BibTeX Export and click on File, Export. Give the file a name, and Save as type: Text File.

A more complex (but apparently much better) way of converting from EndNote to BibTex is as follows: download JabRef (it's free) from http://jabref.sourceforge.net (you need to have Java VM version 1.5 or newer up and running). After installing and running it, open up a new database. Then go to File, Export, Unpack EndNote Filter Set. Follow the instructions in the .txt file. This method is claimed to be "the best way to get EndNote working with the BibTex format. The nice thing about jabref is that it is one of the best GUI fronts to BibTex I have come across ... and also it will generate the necessary BibTex keys for you...something the normal 'BibTex Export' in EndNote does not do."

Converting FROM BibTeX TO EndNote (ie if your word processor is LaTeX but you want to generate references in Word) is quite tricky, and a bit trickier than converting to EndNote from other software. You will need to download some extra software to enable the process. The semi-official BibTeX site is a good place to start. Another good site, with conversion software, is Trent Apted's BibTeX to EndNote converter page at the University of Sydney. (EndNote has a BibTex conversion tools site but these tools are over 15 years old and are unlikely to be reliable).

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