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3. Do blondes have more fun?

6 answers


I am not sure, but while

Justin Marcus's picture
Justin Marcus, 8 years ago

I am not sure, but while getting caught in a severe lightining storm a blonde friend of mine started grinning like a cheshire cat. I asked her why she was smiling and she replied "one should always smile for photographs". She seemed to enjoy the "attention".

I believe everybody can have

Juneper Jean Cezar's picture
Juneper Jean Cezar, 8 years ago

I believe everybody can have more fun not only because she is blonde, always remember beauty is in the be holder as long as you have an X-factor and sex appeal.

Being the butt of blonde

Indrani Shilpi's picture
Indrani Shilpi, 8 years ago

Being the butt of blonde jokes can't be much fun, nor the constant implication that blondes have it easy so they don't need to work hard. That can't be much fun. Also, there must be a lot of pressure to be a "fun-loving blonde". I remember reading somewhere that inspite of her platinum locks, Marilyn Monroe was "the saddest girl in the world". So maybe they'd like to, and maybe some blondes do, but on the whole, I can't imagine blondes having any more (or less) fun than anyone else- especially with all that hype! 

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