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10. How long will I live?

10 answers


Forever actually. The

Indrani Shilpi's picture
Indrani Shilpi, 8 years ago

Forever actually. The universe is such that nothing ever leaves it but merely changes form. So, live it up, breathe in life, push on!

If you buy this magic pill I

Justin Marcus's picture
Justin Marcus, 8 years ago

If you buy this magic pill I guarantee 25 additional years from time of ingestion. Also I have a marvelous bridge for sale... 

You will live a number of

Librarian Sean Riley's picture
Librarian Sean Riley, 8 years ago

You will live a number of years more based on this formula: 21 - [Your current age].

If you are currently over 21 please report to your nearest Sleepshop.

Assuming that you are

Adrienne Susan's picture
Adrienne Susan, 8 years ago

Assuming that you are Australian and not affected by factors such as warfare, poverty, dwarfism, gigantism etc the answer is 1.748 m if you are a male and 1.634 m if you are a female.

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