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Access to International Journal of Play

hi there,

I was wondering if the library had a subscription to the International Journal of Play (Taylor and Francis database). It comes up in the library search, but when select to download specific articles in the journal, it states I do not have access. 

If we don't have access, is there a way of accessing the journal freely through other universities?


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Hi again,

115504's picture
115504 (not verified), 5 years ago

Hi again,

I have been informed that

"Unfortunately, we are not entitled to have full text access for the journal title = "International Journal of Play" via Taylor and Francis Online.
This title entry has been removed from the catalogue. Sorry for the inconvenience."

Please use Inter Library Loans for this

Hi Bron,

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115504 (not verified), 5 years ago

Hi Bron,

This seems to be an access error. I have reported it and hope it will be back up soon.

In cases where we do not subscribe to a journal, post graduate and honours students may request an article through the Inter Library Loans service.




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