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Building a Better Library Experience

Plans are well underway to construct a range of new study areas across levels 2-5 which include both collaborative and quiet spaces for individual study and research. In the meantime we are busy rearranging our furniture to create comfortable and functional areas for you to study, while we carefully assess our further options.

You may have noticed that there are some empty shelves in the City Campus Library, these will slowly fill up as books are moved from Kuring-gai during it's relocation in 2015.
Construction is due to commence over the Christmas break and will include the following:

Level 2:

  • Group study area: combination of open plan seating and closed booths
  • Digital display lounge

Level 3:

  • Group study area: combination of open plan seating and closed booths
  • General access computing (26 computers)
  • Existing learning commons (overlooking Ultimo Rd) will remain unchanged

Level 4:

  • Group study area: combination of open plan seating, closed booths and break-out spaces
  • General access computing (44 computers)

Level 5:

  • Relocation of Scholar Centre from level 2. It will be bigger and known as the Enhanced Researchers Centre
  • Individual/quiet study area: combination of study rooms, booths and a reading area
  • General access computing (32 computers)


Will the general access

Gopinaath's picture
Gopinaath, 6 years ago

Will the general access computing on Level 5 still be a quiet area? I hope it wont get noisy there. Its my favourite level

Hi Gopinaath, we will do our

Georgia's picture
Georgia, 6 years ago

Hi Gopinaath, we will do our very best to ensure that Level 5 remains a quiet floor. We are in the process of creating a better library experience for everyone, so thank you for your patience. If you do experience any problems with noise please let the staff at the Research Help Desk know.

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