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How do you do in text reference for an anonymous interview?

My interviewee wish to keep the identity anonymous. So how do i do the in text referencing? Also do we need make introduction (e.g. age, background, etc) for our interviewee?

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Hi Theresia,

Librarian Jenny's picture
Librarian Jenny (not verified), 5 years ago

Hi Theresia,

 Interviews you conduct are known as personal communications. When you introduce your interviewee, perhaps specify that they wished to remain anonymous, and either give them an alias or simply refer to them as 'anonymous'.

 If you are unsure about how you should introduce your interviewee, you may want to talk to HELPS or your tutor. I imagine you'd give the details that a) they have consented to you providing, and b) are relevant to your work; but I think it is best to double-check with someone more expert than myself. 

I hope this information has been helpful.



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