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Do I still reference a Youtube video even though I just used the sound or is there a different way to reference it?

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Hi Estelle,

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Steven, 5 years ago

Hi Estelle,

I've spoken with two colleagues and we agreed that you should reference it as a youtube video but make it clear in your text that you are referring to the audio. We started off by agreeing that your source is still youtube, whether it is video or audio. We then discussed whether the words 'video recording' contained in the reference should be changed to 'audio recording'. We decided no, because youtube provides a video even if the vision is incidental to the audio, for example when an album soundtrack is provided and the only visual component is the album cover. Also the 'videorecording file' can contain both a video channel and an audio channel so it is legitimate to discuss the audio contained in a 'video recording',



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