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Will there be a Health Services Management : Library Research Skills session after 5pm?

This course is designed for students working full time. I would love to attend one of these sessions, however it makes it difficult to attend due to working full time.

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Hi Kylie - thanks for your

Librarian Jane's picture
Librarian Jane, 5 years ago

Hi Kylie - thanks for your enthusiasm! Yes I have scheduled quite a few sessions for your group, but they haven't all made it to the events calendar yet. I have added a couple more sessions, including a 5:30pm session on Tuesday 3 Feb. There will be more progressively added soon.  

Kind regards


Hi Kylie,

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D Litting, 5 years ago

Hi Kylie,

Thanks for your question. I can't see any reason why we can't try and put on one of these sessions after 5pm for you. The lady that conducts the training (Jane Van Balen) is on leave at the momen but we will forward your request to her and I'll respond to this page when I have an answer for you.



Thanks David! This is great.

Kylie's picture
Kylie, 5 years ago

Thanks David! This is great. I would really appreciate this and will be the first to sign up for it. Thanks again for your reply. Kylie

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