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How can I use the UTS harvard referencing style if I am using the Latex to write my paper?

I have found the uts harvard referencing style file for Endnote, but I didn't find the .bst file for the Latex.

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Hi Muming

Meijun's picture
Meijun, 4 years ago

Hi Muming

I'm sorry we don't have a .bst file of the Harvard UTS style available for the Latex.


Work in progress, please feel

chewxy's picture
chewxy, 1 year ago

Work in progress, please feel free to send a pull request for any amendments.




It's guaranteed for the most basic examples that were listed in the interactive PDF that UTS Library provides - so your basic journals, conference proceedings and books. The rest, well, they will be added when I need to cite them. Tests will be added soon

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