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Where can i see a quality example of a recent PhD dissertation coming out of the FEIT?

I want to see what a good one looks like.  Probably would helpful to read as well.

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D Litting's picture
D Litting, 4 years ago


My suggestion is to search the library catalogue for either engineering or something more specific within the field of engineering and then after the search results appear use the refinement option on the left hand side of the screen called 'format'. Open up the list of options under format and choose UTS theses. From there you can restrict the results one more time based on publication year - you have to choose a particular year though (rather than saying 'anything post 2012'). It might be nice to be able to do that so I'll make an enquiry to see if that feature can be turned on.

Finally as to which of these will be of the highest quality, it's hard for me as a librarian to assess, so try reading the abstracts of a few and see which ones seem best to you. There are awards given out for the best dissertation from FEIT in any given year so if you want me to seek out where that information lives respond to this ticket and I'll give it a shot.



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