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How do I maintain Endnote groups when importing to Mendeley?

I am transferring my Endnote library to Mendeley. I have ~500 references organised into ~40 'groups' that I use frequently for quick access to resources & references. I tried to import to Mendeley but everything ends up in "Unsorted".

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Hi, with Endnote X6 i just

Sarina's picture
Sarina, 7 years ago

Hi, with Endnote X6 i just discovered how to do this.

In Endnote:

1. Go to your 'Group'- select all entries within the group (click on the first entry, hold shift, click on the last entry)

2. 'Tools' -> 'Change/move/copy fields'

3. In 'Change fields' - select 'labels' from the drop down list

4. Select 'insert after'

5. type in your Groups name

6. All your entries will now be 'tagged' with your Groups name & will show up as 'tags' in Mendeley


You can also do this to add keywords to your Endnote libraries

I asked Mendeley support and

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 8 years ago

I asked Mendeley support and their (not very helpful) reply was as follows: "Unfortunately EndNote does not export group structures from the program. The best thing to do in this situation would be to tag documents with the group name and then use the Filter By Tags view in Mendeley Desktop to recreate groups in the program. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you". I think by 'tag' this means add some distinguishing word to some field like the Label field of all references in each EndNote group. There might be some simpler method to separately export each group from EndNote into a Mendeley group.


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