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secondary citation

how can I cite a reference which already cited by authors?

for example: in Jim's artticle (2012), the author cites a reference from another article: Tom (2011, p.22) states that...

how can I cite Tom's opinion?

can I use like this: 'Tom (2011, cited in Jim 2012) suggests that'?

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My tutor gave us a learning

Yuan's picture
Yuan, 2 years ago

My tutor gave us a learning material which contains some charts and key information rather than a article or video, how can I use it as a reference of my reflection?

Hi Yuan, 

Librarian Ashley's picture
Librarian Ashley, 2 years ago

Hi Yuan, 

That's a tricky one! We have a quide for referencing lecture and teaching materials  which includes powerpoints or documents on UTSOnline or handed out in class. Make sure you check your subject outline and the documents themselves, it's possible that your tutor included a reference or an indication of the original source of the images. 

Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know if you need any more assistance with that guide. 





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