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91161 Cell Biology and Genetics: Understanding

In this guide:

Your assignment asks you to read only one of the articles you find, and design your poster based on it.

From the assignment instructions:

"The poster you design must explain the work described in the paper. You can use the figures and data from the paper on your poster and you must include the original authors names, their affiliations and the original title of the paper on your poster. Essentially you could view yourself as having been delegated the task of preparing a poster for this group of scientists."

Because research articles are very specific, and can be very difficult to readily understand, you will need to do some further research on the topics and concepts raised in your article and find additional literature in order to prepare a poster that adequately explains what the research article is about. The Library has many resources to help you do this.

Reference books

We have placed a number of reference books (textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias) in the Library catalogue under your subject number - just type 91161 into the catalogue to find these. AccessScience is a great online reference resource you can use as well.

Other articles

If you found your article in Web of Science, you can also view other articles that cite your chosen article and read those to expand your understanding. You can also try re-doing your original search, or search with new keywords based on your reading, but this time not restricting your search to specific journals and the timespan. Of course, you can also search your keywords in other databases as well. 

Finding Related Articles 


Once you have an understanding of your article, you can begin the fun bit - designing your poster! 


A list of background reading references (minimum of 5 reference) using APA referencing style should be attached and uploaded onto UTS Online. 


Hi just wondering if anyone

Camila's picture
Camila, 3 years ago
<p>Hi just wondering if anyone knows is it okay to use other journals for the supporting literature or do the have to be from the specified journals too?&nbsp;</p>

I think for supporting

Aydan's picture
Aydan, 3 years ago
<p>Hi, for <strong>supporting literature</strong>, you aren't restricted to the specified journals. So, you don't have to use them for supporting literature. :)&nbsp;</p>
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