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2. What does the UTS Library of the Future mean to you?

Give us as many words as you like that you feel best describe the library of the Future. But don’t stop at just descriptive words…

You may have a link to a site, or an image or anything else that you feel best answers this question.

2 Question Survey - March 2012

15 answers


The library of the future

Kanchana's picture
Kanchana, 6 years ago

The library of the future will be accessible 24/7. Like the London School of Economics, books can be checked out on weekends, post the library timings. The main benefit that this library will provide would be longer hours during examination. Lastly, seats will need the library card to tbe tapped. Currently, (even today I am in library & I experienced it) people keep one sheet of paper and pencil on the desk and disappear for more than an hour, leaving people like me to use the lounge area which is too tiny for research work (laptop, multiple books, lecture notes etc).

I'd really like to see more

Caleb's picture
Caleb, 7 years ago

I'd really like to see more of the "Shut up and Write" sessions - I've heard great feedback and really want to get along to one... (there is also a lot being written now about creative cognition and noise levels.... interesting concepts)


I've got a vision of the future being a bit like books stored in a place like Monster's Inc (instead of calling up a door, you'd call up a dusty old book)

I think everyone hate the

Xuanlong's picture
Xuanlong, 7 years ago

I think future library should have more digitised books, so that we will not have the 'availability' problem if we can access the eBook.

Another idea is more libraries can connected together, the Bonus is really a good idea and I benefit a lot from it.

I fear that the future

Jennifer's picture
Jennifer, 6 years ago

I fear that the future library may be devoid of books. Yes we need electronic resources but books are good too. Let's hope we won't see too much culling as UTS library does not have a large collection like Fisher.  Resource sharing through Bonus is great for books in low demand and should be extended.

Furniture is an important consideration, not all students and staff are young, our backs are aging and we need safe chairs so we do not cripple ourselves sitting working in the library.

I hope the future library will not expect users to have prior knowledge of where things are and will have better signage especially near lifts and stairwells.

We need more Shut up and Write" sessions - there has been great feedback and I need one.

I think the library of the

Adam Jasper's picture
Adam Jasper, 6 years ago

I think the library of the future will be more of a refuge from the city. An environment designed for actually reading, rather than eating sandwiches and checking email. More quiet, less people eating and drinking at their desks, more analog, less digital. We're saturated enough with junk food and junk data already when we're outside.

I would like to see a working

Chee Meng's picture
Chee Meng, 6 years ago

I would like to see a working mobile phone application that can help me locate the book properly in the shelf using location based services.

I would love to see more

Sarah's picture
Sarah, 7 years ago

I would love to see more ebooks/pdfs/other digital formats of textbooks. More fiction through overdrive would be great too. 

And also it will be better if

Atish's picture
Atish, 6 years ago

And also it will be better if there could be quiet areas with personalized computers, at the moment I have not seen any personal quiet area with computers.


Viola's picture
Viola, 7 years ago



To me it means access to more books, journls etc on line... more ability to set things aside for example if a book is missing and we put in a missing book form, for us to be informed when it's in.... more access online to other university library resources and them to ours.... longer opening hours....


These were what came to mind straight away.




I am waiting for the

Atish's picture
Atish, 6 years ago

I am waiting for the electronic librarry where the robots will give away the books. I want more books for Environmental section to be present. and also for the marine biology stuff, books from around the world.

I would love to see automate

Ashok's picture
Ashok, 5 years ago

I would love to see automate storage and retrival system, so you can request for a book online and just go tp the library to pick it up.

24/7 library access. Improved

Chau Au's picture
Chau Au, 5 years ago

24/7 library access. Improved self-loan stations with built-in wireless chips on library cards and self-returning items when walking into the library. Also a possibility having each level of the future library designated for each Faculty of the University (For example Level 1 - General area Level 2 - FASS, Level 3 - Business, Level 4 - Health to the Top level - Complete quiet space level etc... depending on how many levels is the library)?

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