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How to inset reference lists to document?

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Ah, sorry I didn't notice the

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 2 years ago

Ah, sorry I didn't notice the little using endnote button in your question.

To insert a reference into Word from EndNote, go to Word and look for the EndNote toolbar. Within this toolbar you should see an option saying 'insert citation'. If you click this option a pop up box will open. In the text box next to the 'Find' button write a word that appears in one of your endnote references - for example a word in the title, or the name of an author. The reference should then appear below. Select the reference by clicking on it - it will go blue. Then click the insert button.

Try that and let me know if you have any problems.


Hi Yeon,

D Litting's picture
D Litting, 2 years ago

Hi Yeon,

Do you mean how do you set a hanging indent on your references?

If so then you can do that in Word.

First highlight all of your references.

Then click the little arrow in the bottom corner of the paragraph box over the document (paragraph is visible when you using the Home tab)

Then on the pop up window look under the indentation heading for a drop down box marked 'special'. Use that drop down to choose hanging. 

For a mac you can find the paragraph function under the format tab.

Hope this helps, let me know if not


Thanks David,

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Yeon, 2 years ago

Thanks David,

 but, what I ask is how to add references from endnote to document

Hi Yeon

Patrick's picture
Patrick, 2 years ago

Hi Yeon

I think the confusion arises because you typed "inset" but I think you meant "insert".

To insert references from EndNote into a Word document, you should

-select the reference in EndNote

-place your cursor in the Word document where you want the in-text reference to appear

-make sure your Word document is in the reference style you want (you can see this by looking at the EndNote tab (PC & recent Mac versions) or the EndNote toolbar (older Mac versions)

-use the EndNote tab/toolbar by choosing "Insert selected citation(s)" in the citations section

-the selected in-text citation should appear in Word; and alo the full citation should appear at the end of the document, as the start of your reference list.

-as you insert more in-text references in this way, these will also add to the reference list and EndNote will ensure this is in the correct alphabetical order etc

For more information you should look at our EndNote pages, in the Referencing section of the library's website, or attend one of our EndNote workshops.



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