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How can I activate this option?

Hi, I'm a PhD Student and it would be great for me to have a history of the books that I have consulted in case I need them again as a references.


I tried to activate this option through "my library" but with any luck. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or not understanding the instructions    =(


Thank you

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Reading List

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 8 years ago

Reading List

To activate a list of your borrowing history at the UTS Library:

  • Log into MyLibrary
  • Click on the "Opt in for Reading History" link
  • You can opt out at any time by selecting the "Opt out of Reading History" link
If you continue to have problems let us know and we will try and solve the problem.

Hi Veronica - the reading

Librarian Liz's picture
Librarian Liz (not verified), 8 years ago

Hi Veronica - the reading history is not 'retrospective'. That is, it will only displays books that you have borrowed after activating the option in MyLibrary. Any books you borrow from now on should appear in your reading history, but it won't display any that you borrowed prior to activating the option. Hope that helps.  

Hi, thank you!!!

Verónica's picture
Verónica, 8 years ago

Hi, thank you!!!

I followed your instructions but still not been able to see my reading history =(

I went directly the library and asked for help. Returned a book that day but something. I'm probably going to return another one today and see what happens. Maybe is the system


Anyway, thanks for your time and assistance. Let you now what happend.

have a nice day


Hi thanks for your response.

Verónica's picture
Verónica, 8 years ago

Hi thanks for your response. I followed your instructions by didn't work so I went directly to the library and one of the staff member tried to help me but it seems that the system is not working properly so he told me that he was going to report it to IT.


Thanks for your time!!

Have a nice day

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