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How to reference a White Paper?

As above, what is the correct way to reference a White Paper (both if sourced online, and as a hardcopy).


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Generally speaking most

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Patrick, 7 years ago

Generally speaking most government documents can be referenced using the Book template. If the words 'white paper' are in the title of the paper, then this is all good; the author might be a minister, or a department, or a committee: use as the author whoever is listed as being responsible on the title page.

If the words 'white paper' are not actually in the title of the white paper, put them in parentheses after the last words of the title: Title (white paper).

Because a white paper is really a printed document, you don't need to give the URL but can reference it as a hard copy, even if you only ever saw the online version. However if you think the online version might be difficult for someone to relocate, you can include this as you would for a web document, ie after the other details put the viewed date and the URL: , viewed 23 March 2012, <URL>.

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