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How do I reference statistics from a website, that have been taken from a another website and that website has been referenced on the page? e.g Department of health website, and they quote states from Australian Institute of Health & Wellbeing

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Hi Clara,

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Hossain, 9 months ago

Hi Clara,


There are a couple of ways of tackling this.


Option 1:


If this is raw statistics you are referring to, then the most straightforward option, in my view, is to find the ‘original’ source and reference that ‘original’ source – both in-text and in the reference list.



Option 2:


The other option looks something like this:


(Author, as cited in Author, Year)


(Australian Institute of Health & Wellbeing, as cited in Department of Health, 2018)


If you opt for this option, you should include the Department of Health in your reference list, but not the Australian Institute of Health & Wellbeing as the original source wasn’t consulted.



Hope this helps.




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