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Key dates for UTS Library relocating to UTS Central - November 2019

Important upcoming 2019 dates for students and clients at UTS

Library closes 11 November and re-opens 25 November in UTS Central.

For more information about accessing resources and parking validation visit our recent news item.

 30 August Request for Purchase deadline for Spring and Summer sessions
 6 November Deadline for fines payments until 25 November
 11 – 24 NovemberHaymarket Library closed – services available via:
  • Student Learning Hub, located on Level 4 of UTS Central: 9am-5pm Weekdays 

  • Chat on lib.uts.edu.au: 9am-5pm Weekdays

  • Telephone 9514 3666: 9am-5pm Weekdays

  • Email via the ‘Ask a Question’ page 

  • Library’s online resources (some interruptions may occur).

General collection borrowing, InterLibrary Loans and LRS requests will be  unavailable.

 25 NovemberUTS Library will open in UTS Central


Yikes the library closure

Chau Au's picture
Chau Au, 1 year ago

Yikes the library closure dates might be inconvient for Calendar B Education students like me during the Final assessment and exam period. Specially not being able to access General collection and LRS (particularly Curriculum collections) for access and  borrowing.

Hi ChauThanks for your

Eleanor's picture
Eleanor, 1 year ago

Hi Chau

Thanks for your comment. Although the general collection will be unavailable as it is being packed for transportation to UTS Central, all e-collection and online journals items will be available as per usual through the library catalogue. In preparation, we encourage you to borrow general collection items prior to 11 November. 

Dear Hsuan - thanks for your

Eleanor's picture
Eleanor, 1 year ago

Dear Hsuan-yi - thanks for your question. Yes during the library relocation book returns can be placed in the return chutes located at UTS Buildings 1 & 10. These are located at Building 1, Level 4 (Foyer) and Building 10, via Jones St entry.

Hi there.

Jonathan's picture
Jonathan, 1 year ago

Hi there.

What will happen to the old Blake Library?

Will there be a Researcher's Centre/Room in the new UTS Central lIbrary at all?


Hi Jonathan

Eleanor's picture
Eleanor, 1 year ago

Hi Jonathan

Thanks for your interest. It has not been confirmed what Building 5A will be used for in the future as yet. We look forward to finding out more once decisions have been finalised. 

Although there will not be a Researcher’s Centre in the new library, the bookable Scholar’s Centre will be available for HDR students, with priority bookings given to research students needing a dedicated space for writing up, or who can’t access facilities elsewhere. Further details regarding the booking process for the Scholar’s Centre will be made available when the library re-opens in November. 

Re the Scholars Centre in the

Jennifer's picture
Jennifer, 11 months ago

Re the Scholars Centre in the Old LIbrary. As a Staff member (FASS Hon Research Associate) I could use the Centre. Will I be able to book into the Scholar’s Centre in the new library? Thanks Jennifer.

Dear Jennifer - Details for

Eleanor's picture
Eleanor, 11 months ago

Dear Jennifer - Details for use and bookings of the Scholar's Centre are currently being finalised. Once these details are finalised they will be published via the library website. Thanks in advance for your patience with this matter. 

The Researchers Centre on

Bruce's picture
Bruce, 11 months ago

The Researchers Centre on level 5 has been of such great value to HDR research students and staff. I hope the new space delivers what the the old one on level 5 did, so simply and well.

Very, very, very disappointed

SallyIS's picture
SallyIS, 1 year ago

Very, very, very disappointed to learn that there will not be a Researcher's Centre in the new libaray. The Researcher's Centre is a great space - very comfortable, very good atmosphere, all contributing to productive work. I am unsure of what the 'Scholar's Centre' is, but if it is in any way similar to the HDR space that is provided to FASS students in Building 10, it will be truly awful! Like frightful little battery hen cages, unpleasant to be in and not at all conducive to thinking or writing. Can this unhappy decision be reversed?

The Scholar's Centre will

Eleanor's picture
Eleanor, 1 year ago

Hi Sally. The Scholar's Centre will continue to provide an open-plan office style study space conducive to research students similar to the Research Centre. The new library space will also provide staff and students with improved physical spaces, including large UTS Reading Room which is a designated quiet study area. 

Hi, staff member here.  Has

Delia's picture
Delia, 1 year ago

Hi, staff member here.  Has the library given any thought to organising borrower access to another friendly university library - e.g. nearby Sydney Uni - so that we can continue to borrow books during the period of closure?  Unfortunately, research and research commitments don't stop over this period.  Has the library also given consideration to providing an access point, during this period, for the collection of ILL books or new material that may turn up during this period (and be required with some urgency)?  Thank you!

Hi Delia - thanks for your

Eleanor's picture
Eleanor, 1 year ago

Hi Delia - thanks for your comment. During the relocation period online resources, including e-books, journals, and databases, will remain accessible via the UTS Library website. General collection borrowing, InterLibrary Loans, and LRS requests will be unavailable between the 11 – 24 November 2019. However, if you have a special request for an InterLibrary or general collection item to be made available in an alternative format over this period please place your requests as soon as possible.  

Hi there,

Yiheng's picture
Yiheng, 1 year ago

Hi there,


For the new library, will it accept the alunmi students get in?

Hi Yiheng,

UTS Library's picture
UTS Library, 1 year ago

Hi Yiheng,

Yes Alumni Members can still access the new library. You will need to have a current Library Alumni membership

You can also access the Reading Room in UTS Central without a membership during standard operating hours.

Hi, Where will parking

Vanouhi's picture
Vanouhi, 12 months ago

Hi, Where will parking validation be for the 2 week period from 11 - 25 November? Thanks

Hi Vanouhi, the student

Eleanor's picture
Eleanor, 11 months ago

Hi Vanouhi, the student parking validation machine will be relocated to the Security Desk inside the Green Space (Building 5A, Level 1 - accessible via Darling Drive) from Monday 11 November 2019.

Dear Lizhen, what time did

Eleanor's picture
Eleanor, 11 months ago

Dear Lizhen, what time did you phone us?  There will be someone answering the phone from 9am-5pm – Monday to Friday this week and next week also

Hello, will there still be

Sumaiya's picture
Sumaiya, 11 months ago

Hello, will there still be silent and quiet levels, and silent rooms where we can do our assignments or study in? Those rooms were very useful in the old library.

Hi Sumaiya. Yes there will...

Eleanor's picture
Eleanor, 11 months ago

Hi Sumaiya. Yes there will...  Level 9 will be silent and Level 8 will be quiet. In addition to these open plan study spaces within the library, there are student learning commons located throughout UTS Central and group study rooms can be booked. For more information on how to book these, here is the recent news item: https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/news/963014/study-room-bookings-uts-central-are-now-available


Bruce's picture
Bruce, 11 months ago
  • Reading History in MyLibrary will no longer be available. Your current Reading History will not be transferred to the new system and will need to be downloaded by COB Wednesday 6 November. For instructions on how to complete this visit: MyLibrary.
  • Renewals, Fines Payments and MyLibrary will be unavailable from 1am, Thursday 7 November until Monday 25 November. Fines should be paid by COB 6 November to receive your results.
That was not well communicated! An email out to all in regards to this (and marked as IMPORTANT) would have been helpful. 
I just went on to a. pay some fines and b. check my Reading History to find I can do neither.

Hi Bruce,

Daniel's picture
Daniel, 11 months ago

Hi Bruce,

I am sorry you were unable to pay your fine at that time and apologise for any inconvenience caused for not being able to access your reading history.

Online fines payments can be made by calling the Library on 9514 3666 and payment taken over the phone with a credit or debit card. Online payments should be available when the new library opens on 25th November.

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