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How can I locate a journal article by its title and/ or author if I don't know the journal it was published in?

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Hi Gabriela,

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UTS Library, 7 years ago

Hi Gabriela,

This is a bit of a tough one, but one thing you could do is use Google Scholar with the article name (eg. 'Robotics: Morals and machines') and the author name (eg.  Allenby, B) like this search shows.

Maybe if I only had the author name, or only the title of the article, I would instead search using Advanced Google Scholar search and put in some of the important words from the article, if I can't find the title, but just have the author name.

From the search results, under the link to the article, you'll see information about where it was published. This example came from the journal Nature.

I hope this helps - if you need more assistance with finding your journal title, please don't hesitate to contact us!



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